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NEMA Locking Wiring Devices and Cord Sets

Select from the following product types for 'NEMA Locking Wiring Devices and Cord Sets':
Attachment plugs, Domestic (UL/CSA)
Attachment Plugs, NEMA Locking
Cord Connectors (in-line sockets), Domestic (UL/CSA)
Cord Connectors (In-line sockets), NEMA Locking
Detachable Cord Sets, NEMA Locking
Flanged Inlets, NEMA Locking
Flanged Outlets, NEMA Locking
Power Supply Cords, NEMA Locking
Receptacles (Outlets, Sockets), Domestic (UL/CSA)
Receptacles (Outlets, Sockets), NEMA Locking
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