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Pages 1-268


Introduction / Table Of Contents / Reference Information

Pages 2-13

Section A

European, United Kingdom, Australia & International Cord Sets

Pages 3-48

Section B

International Wiring Devices, Plugs, Receptacles & Connectors

Pages 49-88

Section C

International Splashproof & Watertight Plugs & Receptacles

Pages 89-92

Section D

International Modular Receptacles, Switches & GFCI (RCD) Devices

Pages 93-100

Section E

International Multiple Outlet Strips & 19-Inch Rack / Vertical Mount

Pages 101-114

Section F

International Plug Adapters, Step-Up & Step-Down Transformers

Pages 115-126

Section G

IEC 60320 Plugs, Receptacles, Connectors & Inlets

Pages 127-152

Section H

NEMA Locking & Straight Blade Plugs, Receptacles & Connectors

Pages 153-168

Section I

IEC 60309 UL / CSA / VDE Listed Plugs, Receptacles & Connectors

Pages 169-196

Section J

IEC 60309 European Approved Plugs, Receptacles & Connectors

Pages 169-196

Section K

Light Fixtures, Circuit Breakers, GFCI (RCD) Breakers & Enclosures

Pages 197-201

Section L

International Mobile Vehicle / RV Plugs, Receptacles & Connectors

Pages 202-203

Section M

European Cordage, UL / CSA / VDE Listed Cordage, Hook-Up Wire & Strain Relief

Pages 204-210

Section N

GFCI (RCD) (RCBO) Plugs, Receptacles, In-Line Connector & Circuit Breakers

Pages 87-88, 99, 106, 198-199

Section O

Dimensional Drawings, Index & Term Of Sale

Pages 211-267
New Product Brochures

Bulletin #41520010

European Schuko Heavy Duty CEE 7/7 Power Plugs
and Connectors

Bulletin #8102012

European Schuko GFCI
Ground Fault Products

Bulletin #922009

Brazil Plugs, Outlets,
Connectors, Power Cords,
Power Strips & Products

Bulletin #10272009

Weatherproof Covers & Boxes IP66 Rated for Modular
Product Line

Bulletin #11162007

Power Outlets

Bulletin #11152007

Power Strips

Bulletin #9102011

Plug Adapters & Power Plug Converter Adaptors

Bulletin #ADAP-1

Plug Adapters IEC 60320
C-13, C-14, C-19, C-20,
C-5, C-7, NEMA Adaptors

Bulletin #4102013

IEC 60320 C-13 & C-14
Power Cords

Bulletin #7302009

Splitter Power Cord Sets
C-14 to C-13 & NEMA 5-15 to C-13 Y-Splitter Cord Sets

Bulletin #652007

IEC 60320 Heavy Duty
C-13 & IEC 60320 Heavy Duty C-15 Connectors

Bulletin #662007

IEC 60320 Heavy Duty
C-19 Connector & IEC
60320 Heavy Duty C-20 Plug

Bulletin #71510

Universal Approved
Bulk Cordage

Bulletin #71520

Universal Approved
Bulk Cordage